‘Op Blackjack’ – The 21-Cards of Injustice

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The 21 Cards of Injustice is a real life documentary series exposing medieval style corruption within the modern English justice system.

A must have for all armchair detectives, lawyers, judges and everyone interested in democracy worldwide. It’s about equality, law and right from wrong.

Boldly going where nobody has gone, on the right side of the law, we expose real evidence of double dealing judges, with aces up our sleeve.

Protected by the establishment on the inside, justice in England was defeated. A true life case, with the City of London ‘holding the fort‘, playing cards close to their chest to protect the sinister inner workings of the establishment and those that make it tick.

The House broke the rules turning the tables on its opposition with a spin of double dealing to ensure the ball was always in the Tory home team’s court. It was a quick shuffle up and deal, mind games in play, day is night, black is white, as night is day.

A contest between TEAM WIND, a private renewable energy group, and the Smoggies, Teesside Tory Boro’ sitting at the bottom of the Championship League, turned TEAM BLACKMAIL.

21 cards in a 21 round championship, the underdog showed aces, playing by the rules, its blackjack, and on all 21.

Blackjack, footie, a massive fan in Teesside, ransom demands, a smog of Tory corruption and overspill into the judicial mechanics. What could possibly go wrong?

Amazing value at just £1 per card, you get the 21 Cards of Injustice and you become a member of our portal, with exclusive access to member updates and content.

Op Blackjack

Place your bets, only this one is guaranteed to yield dividends, a truly compelling read. Knowledge is power.


You get our gripping documentary, the 21 Cards of Injustice available only to subscribers, and exclusive access to our website with members only content documenting our private intelligence investigation work and exposing corruption in the City.

Our readers can download each of the 21 cards in A3 size for digital viewing only.

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2 reviews for ‘Op Blackjack’ – The 21-Cards of Injustice

  1. Chris P

    I will not be going near courts after reading this. Awesome. I can’t wait for the rest.

  2. Jed C

    It is long overdue that the Judicial ‘System’ is deeply exposed and that the ‘House of Cards’ finally collapses into present day REFORM. The secret and corrupt Masonic dealings must come to an end, and the expected Democratic Rule of Law upheld for everybody and merely not an elite or well ‘connected’ few. In my experience as a Litigant in Person (with cognitive a Learning Disability also flagrantly discriminated against) I am yet to win a single case notwithstanding those ‘Judgments’ issued by Default (which if against a Government Agency or Officer of the Court are always overturned and relieved). However, conversely, I have settled several matters even after the UK Court ‘System’ has struck them out devoid of recording any reasoning by the way of forcing the other-sides pragmatism to take precedence of becoming caught up in a long running, costly and Judicially created toxic and costly sham. These investigations herein are immense, and they WILL finally expose the corrupt ‘who you know’ Judiciary and its inherent, historical ‘untouchable’ and ‘independence’ skullduggery. Try suing the Establishment, Healthcare, Higher Education….Forget it!!! All I have done is foreseeing the inevitable is to set traps within the cases as they progress, and low and behold these apparently purported to be bright and well-educated chappies each and every time fall headfirst for them all. Keep up the great work guys, 2024 is around the corner, the tools are there to fully expose this shower who must be disbanded and the ones then on the other side of the Bench facing the facts. Cuffs, Orange Boiler suits and juicy satsumas await.

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