Operation Blackjack is a specialist private intelligence (“NGO”) Non Government Organisation operating worldwide to combat domestic corruption in the UK by independently investigating, prosecuting, reporting on and exposing the perpetrators.

Founded by professionals and business people who came together after being seriously wronged by the government and their politically controlled judiciary, we brought together solid evidence collated over years of investigation.

We combine commercial, legal, financial, journalistic and investigatory expertise, our niche investigatory agency delivers consulting and video documentary production services, targeting and exposing the corrupt actors in ways unprecedented.

We feature high profile corruption cases where the establishment and politically controlled mainstream media have stonewalled.

Operation Blackjack promotes the principles of open justice and fair and unbiased journalism, by boldly exposing serious wrongdoing with irrefutable evidence.

We tell it like we are telling it to the ordinary man or woman down the pub, and we report on it as the cases unfold.

If the people all know what’s really going on, then change will happen.

Our work in the public interest investigating and reporting on corruption is intense and seriously demanding on our resources.

Our subscription model raises awareness and the much needed funds we need to do what we do best.

Unlike a donation site, we give something back to each of our members that money can’t buy; knowledge, and our compelling members only video productions, insider information and news.

We developed our portal to seamlessly integrate with online media partners who can sign up as an affiliate partner and track conversions via our superb marketing dashboard.

All our members can help us expose corruption and grow by referring friends to us and getting paid when we do.

The 21 Cards of Injustice‘ – For the love of the game, and one you all really cannot afford to miss. An enigma, in real life, the fast pace of Blackjack, spending too long at the table, and with the 21 ‘independent referees’ turned strikers.

Operation Blackjack exposes a fraud ring of 21 politically coerced senior court judges who are alleged to have engaged in a protracted conspiracy to defraud. We reveal the true face of each judicial card, exposing the truth they knew, and the lies they told.

Owned by Tory politician, Steve Gibson O.B.E, foul play span out of control, sailing against the wind (developer of what was to be ‘Europe’s first wind powered football stadium’), before the wind turbine could get spinning, Boro’ refused the connection!

The cards were played tight as soon as it came to court. Orchestrated corruption of justice, decimation of the rule of law and independence.

The house broke the rules, turning the tables against the law, and against the wind, with a spin of double dealing to ensure the ball was always in the Tory home team’s court.

Operation Blackjack - The 21 Cards of Injustice - Check it out !
Lord Neuberger - Former President of the Supreme Court - The highest Court of the land of England.

21 cards, 21 judges and a 21 round championship, the underdog showed aces, playing by the rules, its blackjack, and on all 21.

Blackjack, footie, a massive fan in Teesside, ransom demands, a smog of Tory corruption and overspill flooding from the North, southwards into the heart of the City and its judicial mechanics. What could possibly go wrong?

Our money was on a 4-year investigation (‘Operation Blackjack‘) into English medieval corruption of modern justice in the City of London, the financial crime capital of the world, and now it’s cards on the table, in front of your eyes, the real deal.

We expose the perpetrators with all 21 cards on the table.

It’s a casino game in the Royal Courts of Justice, but who’s got the best hand?

Sir Geoffrey Vos
Sir Geoffrey Vos The Master of the Rolls head of civil justice for England Wales
The 21 Cards of Injustice

We lifted the lid on the old boy’s network, revealing all the cards of the game. We found the main drive cogs spinning the wheels of the City’s systemic corruption machine. 

With leaders of the House pumping the spin driving it from the top, gears and cogs spread wide, with judicial, law enforcement and regulatory mechanics operating all in line.

It keeps chugging along, flattening democracy, law and everything in its path. What will it take for this house of cards to come crashing down?

Game on, at the roll of a dice, kicking off on the Smoggie‘s home ground, all bets were off come blackmail. Legal jesters at the table, it’s a roll up at the Rolls on Fetter Lane, a showdown in the judicial heart of the City.

The medieval Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is a full-fledged Rite practiced worldwide.

The Temple Building, the first law office of England was the official stronghold of Knights Templar.

The English legal establishment is enshrined in freemasonry with the chapels of the four Inns of the Court graffitied with ancient masonic symbols that have effect today.

Tools of the craft are spread widely and in modern England, with counsel’s chamber’s on the square, the City today’s a stronghold of masonic influence.

The oath of the freemason takes precedence over justice, law and equality, forming the core values of secrecy, concealment, and protection of members of the criminal racketeering network.

A Zionist infiltration of corrupt actors who have taken over the courts and government. No. 21, Operation Blackjack and our ethos is about reversing that, and restoring law and order.

Operation Blackjack - Freemasonry is at the heart of English's systemic corruption machine.

21° – Patriarch Noachite  In this degree, Knights and Nobles come together to punish crime, reward virtue, protect the innocent, and provide aid to the needy. We learn to strive for humility, modesty, and courtesy over arrogance, defamation, and cowardice. Freemasonry is not a shield for evil-doing.

Freemasonry is not a shield for evil doing, and neither is the Crown and its state apparatus.

Nobody is above the law, not even those who are paid to administer it.

Shuffling the cards and dealing in order, we reveal our hand, playing out the whole deck and the tricks of the House, later in the game, with our real crime paperback ‘Blackjack in the City’.

The City’s judicial jesters (“TEAM BLACKJACK“), top and tail it out of the Rolls, led by the Master of it, at the top, No. 21.

Dealing face up, exposing the truth they knew, the real evidence they had and the lies they told, we throw a huge spanner in the works of the Tory corruption machine, coming in at No. 10.

Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State ofr Justice Alex Chalk KC MP leaves No. 10 Downing Street in July 2023.
The Pit Boss of the House of Commons Lord Chancellor Alex Chalk KC MP leaving No 10 Downing Street after a meeting in July 2023

One of my predecessors, Francis Bacon, observed that, “if we do not maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.” Let us turn to the task ahead. I as Lord Chancellor will do my duty. And I know that all of us, whatever part we play, will join today in committing to maintaining that justice, endeavouring to leave the rule of law in our country stronger for our having been here. Those are my submissions.

Alex Chalk KC MP – Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice who has failed to maintain it

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