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  • Operation Blackjack 21 part documentary sequel

    ‘Op Blackjack’ – The 21-Cards of Injustice

    The 21 Cards of Injustice is a real life documentary series exposing medieval style corruption within the modern English justice system. A must have for all armchair detectives, lawyers, judges and everyone interested in democracy worldwide. It’s about equality, law and right from wrong. Boldly going where nobody has gone, on the right side of […]

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  • Sale! AI Justice Investigations Articifical intelligence fact finding.

    AI Justice Investigation

    Ground breaking AI (Artificial Intelligence) justice investigation brings capabilities which are not only 100% accurate and impartial, but also a replacement of the human fact find. Using a series of procedures we can investigate thousands of pages in seconds, pulling up AI generated results in seconds, we can uncover years of judicial or investigatory cover […]

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  • Sale! Hire us to assist with your project

    Pay by the hour – consultancy fee

    HIRE US TO INVESTIGATE OR CONSULT  All client payments are now taken online via our website based on our pre-agreed rates or our standard hourly rate for desktop consultancy work. You can book an initial appointment here, with a minimum of 1 hour for a remote face to face consultation. We do not charge for […]

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