AI Justice Investigation


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Ground breaking AI (Artificial Intelligence) justice investigation brings capabilities which are not only 100% accurate and impartial, but also a replacement of the human fact find.

Using a series of procedures we can investigate thousands of pages in seconds, pulling up AI generated results in seconds, we can uncover years of judicial or investigatory cover up, literally at the touch of a button.

Combining AI technology with investigatory fact finding brings the missing link. We deliver our clients game changing results, making full use of technical advances to investigate what has or has not been investigated or adjudicated on, getting to the issues in minutes, rather than months, weeks or days.

Until 21 March 2024 we are offering a full-day’s investigation and reporting at just £650 for a full 8-hours solid work in producing your AI justice investigation and report.

Years of judicial or police cover up uncovered in seconds with our AI justice expert independent reports which can be adduced a fresh evidence to re-open a case, proving dishonest concealment of fact / evidence to the criminal standard.





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