Put simply, Operation Blackjack / ‘Op Blackjack’ is an investigatory journalistic masterpiece by a Non-Governmental Organisation (“NGO”) established by those who fought back, having been made victims of corrupt actors in the UK.

A trilogy, 21 cards, 3 x 7, we show our hand. Behind the façade of modern England there’s a medieval corruption kleptocracy running rife and ruining lives.   The only cure is exposure, for it relies on secrecy to survive.

In chronological order, we set out this captivating real life crime story which is still unfolding, and how all the government institutions that should act, all fall into line.

The 21 Cards of Injustice is the must have, cards on the table, revealing who really has the best hand.

Op Blackjack - The 21 Cards of Injustice

Paul Millinder - CEO of TEAM WIND
Sir Geoffrey Vos Left was Chancellor of the High Court when he said that to Mr Paul Millinder right in court on 22 January 2019

It kicked off when Millinder was introduced to Middlesbrough Football Club (“MFC” / “TEAM BLACKMAIL”), AKA Boro, or the Smoggies owned by the Tory politician ‘Mr Teesside’ AKA Steve Gibson OBE.  

The smog from Teesside nosedived southwards with all and sundry, ending up spreading through the justice system, feeding the corruption machine. It’s time for them to meet, AI justice!

Mr Millinder established Empowering Wind MFC Ltd (“EW” / “TEAM WIND”) from which to construct, connect to the grid and operate Teesside’s biggest fan, standing at 136 metres, was to be Europe’s first ‘wind powered stadium’.

TEAM WIND was to deliver free power to the Stadium over the turbine’s lifetime via TEAM BLACKMAIL’s private electricity network. TEAM WIND got paid for the power through OFGEM’s 20-year scheme, so it could afford to be generous. It banked on the Smoggies, paying them £200,000 for the lease.

When it was time to get the fan spinning, TEAM BLACKMAIL upped the anti, with a ransom demand, they refused the connection, it turned to BLACKMAIL.

Op Blackjack - The 21 Cards of Injustice

Steve Gibson OBE - Chairman of TEAM BLACKMAIL
Left Tory politician Steve Gibson OBE Chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club

TEAM BLACKMAIL, and his soldiers were provided free for all use of the courts to advance their game, with absolute immunity from civil and criminal law. TEAM WIND were penalised.

Written by legal minds, but articulated in lay terms, funny, but very serious at the same time, Op Blackjack’s epic trilogy’s a real live high stakes game of skill, where against all the odds, the underdog came out on top, when their orders were designed to keep him down.

The 21 Cards of Injustice exposes malversation of the English justice system, ‘justice subject to status‘ and inequality of the English kleptocracy in ways unprecedented.


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