AI justice in action; the ‘Op Blackjack Test’

AI justice in action; the ‘Op Blackjack Test’

The groundbreaking ‘Op Blackjack Test‘ is AI justice in action. Artificial intelligence generated outcomes make the human judicial or investigatory fact finder’s role in the administration of justice, largely redundant, and with 100% impartial data analysis.  

In our quest to restore just governance, law and order, stamping out medieval style corruption in modern England, we throw a major spanner in the works of the establishment’s corruption machine, bringing it to AI justice.

AI justice fact finding comes into the game, automating and dramatically increasing accuracy and efficiency of the fact find.

Robots and software can be trusted to deliver results, even when humans cannot

Algorithms are programmed to search and process data, with no influence over such data or ability to tamper with it. Data can be the evidence and submissions used at a trial, as well as the consequential judgment outcome or several outcomes by a public authority, based on it.

John Adams - Facts and evidence does not deceive. AI justice in action

With a simple protocol, AI justice can resolve what would take an investigator or judge hours, days, even weeks or months, with AI generated outcomes yielded in seconds.

We can expose cover ups in seconds, and this works for a wide range of cases where there is suspected concealment of fact or important matters, dishonest or otherwise.

Playing several steps ahead, like any player of a game of strategy should do, we deployed it to prove dishonest concealment and perversion by those featuring in our 21 Cards of Injustice documentary.  The result is a game changer.

It was alleged that the judges, the Government Legal Department, the Treasury Solicitor, the Law Ministers and the cabal of lawyers told lies to conceal what was never determined.

The English cabal of lawyers, politicians and judges were on the cover up, lying and stating the case was ‘finally determined‘ and found to be ‘totally without merit’, meaning that the case was no more or less than bound to fail, knowing that was never the case.

That is cheating, and, as per the rules of the game, cheating is dishonest.

To be “finally determined” the points at issue must be tried and the decision in respect of those points at issue in the case decided upon in a properly reasoned judgment.

Naturally the phraseology of the point at issue is going to be the same as the terms used to describe it within the determination(s).

A.I justice comes into play, we match the terms of the fact said to have been covered up during the course of justice, to reveal the truth, a 100% A.I generated, 100% impartial result on examination of the facts and evidence.

Mr JUstice Jeremy Baker Sentencing Remarks R v Constance Briscoe - Barrister & judge sentenced to prison for perverting the course of public justice over the Huhne, Pryce driving points scandal.
BBC News: May 2014 – Judge, Constance Briscoe convicted of 3 counts of perverting

A.I generated results get to the end game, immediately, with 100% impartiality and accuracy, straight down the line.

Our test, across the evidence and the judicial outcomes establishes a new precedent, the way to find what is being covered up in any judicial or investigatory process.

We simply replace the compromised fact finder and their manipulated outcome, with an impartial AI generated outcome, 100% dependable. No more corrupted outcomes. Simple, but extremely effective.


It was reported on 12 December 2023 by the Law Society that Sir Geoffrey Vos, card 21-of the pack, who now sits as Master of the Rolls, head of civil justice for England & Wales:

Sir Geoffrey Vos - No. 21 of 21 - Master of the Rolls head of civil justice for England & Wales. AI justice is waiting for you!
<em>The Master of the Rolls speech on AI justice in December 2023<em>

How ironic, but did they foresee us using AI against them to prove their crimes in failing to administer justice to make themselves, other players in their sect, and members of their pack ‘above the law’

The Op Blackjack Test - AI justice in action 

The white-collar criminals are no longer safe, we can uncover the cover ups in seconds!

Our AI justice test reveals Vos is the pack rat, keeping hold of the rest of the cards by covering the truth.

The ‘14.25 insolvency set off test’ is not to be missed. AI justice uncovers it, cards of the table, and it’s BLACKJACK, not only on 21, but on all of the 21!

Sir Geoffrey Vos - Master of the Rolls, then Chancellor of the High Court when he is alleged to have told the lie highlighted in red at paragraph 103 of his 8 February 2019 judgment.

In a first for all, our subscribers get exclusive access to our members only content containing the results of our test, proving with the highest level of proof possible, that the head of civil justice and the rest of his pack, the cards of injustice have all lied and covered up.

The whole house of cards is going down, we reveal our aces. It’s £21 all in. Knowledge is power, and this one pays dividends, place your bets !

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There’s a cure for corruption, and that is transparency.

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